ЧОУ ВО Институт международной торговли и права негосударственное образовательное учреждение (экономический, юридический ВУЗ Москвы). Основан в 1991 году.
Лицензия №2170 от 31.05.2016

Приемная комиссия
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Основан в 1991 году

About the Institute of International Trade and Law

The Institute of International Trade and Law is a modern non-state Higher Education Institution established in 1991. IITL is accredited by the Ministry of Education (License №2170 dated 31.05.2016).

IITL offers Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Degree programmes in Economics, Management, Public and Municipal Administration, Law and Psychology in sphere of international relations.

  • Economics (International Economics; Finance and Credit)
  • Management (International Management; Company Management)
  • Jurisprudence (International Law; Civil Law)
  • Public and Municipal Administration (Management in Interregional and Intergovernmental Relations, Public and Municipal Service)
  • Psychology (Psychology of Business Consulting)

The Institute’s main purpose is a high-quality education based on high requirements to its teaching staff and precise elaboration of curricular.

As far as the Institute’s specialization – international sphere, we pay particular attention to study of foreign languages. The main foreign language at the Institute is English; the programme provides 6-8 academic hours of English per week for students of all Faculties during all years of study. Twice a year IITL organizes study trips to England to practice language skills. The second foreign language (French, German, or Spanish) is also studied during the whole period of study. So, the graduates are well prepared specialists with knowledge of two foreign languages. 


121108, Russia, Moscow,
59, Kastanaevskaya st., bld. 2
Tel.: +7 499 144 01 25, +7 499 141 01 14
E-mail: imtp@imtp.ru